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ISBN: n/a
Binding: [Hardcover]
Pages: 128
Publication date: 1985
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Here is Our Valley
Molly Knudtsen, a long-time resident of central Nevada, brings her years of experience as a rancher and writer together in this personal portrait of Grass Valley in central Nevada.

This is a story of the ranches in the valley—big and small, past and present. The author writes of the complexities, hazards, and heartbreak involved in the ranching business. She touches on the natural beauty of the region, its geology, and its archeology. But most of all, the book is a story of the people who have lived in this remote area.

The colorful characters of the valley are brought to life—Slim Maine, Big John, Ansolabehere, and the remarkable Miss Addie. Many people have come and gone in Grass Valley—primitive Native Americans, prospectors, rustlers, and gunmen. Some of the exceptional women of the ranches, and their abilities in managing the family spreads, are also included. Preface by Robert Laxalt.

“Entertaining and informative … of interest to students of many aspects of this state.”
Reno Evening Gazette

“Tales of the ‘men and women who left their mark on the valley’ are inextricably woven against the backdrop of the tranquil and rugged valley snuggled neatly in the pocket of central Nevada.”
Reese River Reveille