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[Paperback] - $19.95
Portrait of a Silver Mining Camp
In 1868, the discovery of an exceptionally rich silver ore on Treasure Hill in eastern Nevada led to an intense but short-lived boom.... more

[Hardcover] - $44.95
Tungsten is a rare ferrous metal whose ability to form molecular compounds with other elements has made it one of the essential elements in steelmaking, electronics, and various military technologies.... more

[Paperback] - $19.95
A Primary Source History of the Silver State
Nevada’s relatively brief history has been nonetheless remarkably eventful. From the activities of the first Euro-American explorers to the booms and busts of the mining industry, from the struggles and artistry of the Native Americans to the establishment of liberal divorce laws and such unique industries as legalized gambling and prostitution, from Cold War atomic tests to the civil rights movement, from the arrival of a diverse and rapidly growing urban population to the Sagebrush Rebellion, Nevada has played a part in the nation’... more

[Paperback] - $29.95
Impotent Spouses on Trial in the Basque Region of Spain, 1650-1750
The Catholic Church of early modern Europe intended the sacrament of matrimony to represent a lifelong commitment, and it allowed few grounds for the dissolution of an unhappy marriage.... more

[Hardcover] - $39.95
“Americans, like their early European forebears and other world powers, realized that while farms, ranches, and other rural institutions were important, towns and cities were dynamic structures, capable of controlling and reorganizing space for miles—... more

[Hardcover] - $44.95
Politics and Society, 1800-1833
Barahona examines the class conflicts and social structures that existed in the Spanish Basque province of Vizcaya to gain a better understanding of the problems between the Vizcayans and the Carlists.... more

[Hardcover] - $39.95
War and occupation anywhere test the resilience of local values and institutions and often undermine accepted standards of human conduct.... more

[Paperback] - $24.95
How We Think About the West
The concept of the American West is an essential part of our national psyche. Identifying the West, however, is a difficult matter.... more