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Fox, William L.
Author of:
Mapping the Empty, Eight Artists and Nevada
Reading Sand, Selected Desert Poems, 1976-2000
Playa Works, The Myth of the Empty
The Void, the Grid & the Sign, Traversing the Great Basin
In the Desert of Desire, Las Vegas and the Culture of Spectacle
Bill Fox remains stubbornly outside the ability of critics to label him. An independent scholar, a cultural geographer, an essayist, a poet, a travel writer, Fox consistently brings together unexpected fields of knowledge in order to illuminate the subjects at hand. He has been an arts consultant, curator, and visiting scholar at the Getty Research Institute. He has written widely on the nature of deserts and the role of the arts in American culture. He is the author of numerous articles and books; his work on cognition and the landscape includes time in the Antarctic as a visiting writer with the National Science Foundation and work in the Arctic with NASA on the Haughton-Mars Project. He lives in Burbank.