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Inside the Culture of Casino Dealing
Dummy Up and Deal offers a candid view of the Las Vegas casino industry from the blackjack dealer’s side of the table.... more

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A Novella
An action-packed story set during the violent and conflict-ridden days of the early 20th century, Dust Devils takes place in the rugged mountains and deserts of Eastern California and Northern Nevada.... more

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Women and Work in Los Angeles, 1880–1930
The half-century between 1880 and 1930 saw rampant growth in Los Angeles and an equally rapid movement of women into the work force.... more

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A Nevada Album
Essays by Ann Ronald,
Photography by Stephen Trimble
Too many visitors to the Silver State never see Ann Ronald and Stephen Trimble's Nevada: teal sky and a sea of purple sage, mountain mahogany and a crimson mass of claret cup cactus, a dust-blown sunset of vermilion, orange, and gold.... more

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Essays on Nevada
Edited and with an introduction by Wilbur S. Shepperson
East of Eden, West of Zion is a collection of essays in which a dozen historians and novelists present their impressions and concerns about “end of the century” Nevada.... more

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Stories on the Border
The Chicano characters in Richard Yañez's debut story collection live in El Paso's Lower Valley but inhabit a number of borders—between two countries, two languages, and two cultures, between childhood and manhood, life and death.... more

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Contested Meanings in Korean War Memorials
The Korean War has been called the “forgotten war,” not as studied as World War II or Vietnam.... more

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The Story of Basques in Idaho
In this volume, brothers Mark and John Bieter chronicle three generations of Basque presence in Idaho from 1890 to the present, resulting in an engaging story that begins with a few solitary sheepherders and follows their evolution into the prominent ethnic community of today.... more