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Shifting Boundaries and Cultures
The eight essays in Gambling, Space, and Time use a global and interdisciplinary approach to examine two significant areas of gambling studies that have not been widely explored—the ever-changing boundaries that divide and organize gambling spaces, and the cultures, perceptions, and emotions related to gambling.... more

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A Railroad Memoir
The late Frank Wendell Call is very much alive in these pages as he relates the fascinating tale of the rich, adventuresome existence he lived as a child in the Nevada desert along the Southern Pacific railroad line.... more

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Tales of Change in the Great Basin
An engaging, well-illustrated natural and cultural history of the oldest living organism—the bristlecone pine.... more

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California’s Santa Clara Valley was once home to a vigorous wine industry. The Garden of the World is the tale of a pioneer winemaking family headed by Paul Tourneau, a fiercely ambitious vintner determined to make the finest wines in California.... more

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Rediscovering Our Importance to Nature
Dagget challenges our culture’s assumption that humans are separate from nature and our current notion that the best way for us to protect the land is to leave it alone.... more

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When Gary Snyder’s long poem Mountains and Rivers Without End was published in 1996, it was hailed as a masterpiece of American poetry.... more

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Race, Space, and Place
Twenty distinguished geographers examine the ways in which place fashions, recreates, and contextualizes human identity in North America.... more

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The Great Basin is an unforgiving land, a land of rapid change and contrast. The Basin contains almost all of the state of Nevada, half of Utah, and portions of Oregon, California, and Idaho.... more