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Decline in Western Resource Towns
Focusing on two Arizona towns that had their origins in mining bonanzas, Tombstone and Jerome, Eric L.... more

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The role of Native American teachers and administrators working in reservation schools has received very little attention, although their work is critical to preparing their students for the future.... more

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Pyramid Lake is one of the largest lakes in the Great Basin, the terminus of the Truckee River flowing from Lake Tahoe into northern Nevada.... more

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From Nevada to Congress, and Back Again
When Reno Republican Barbara Vucanovich was elected to Congress in 1982, she became the first Nevada woman ever elected to a federal office.... more

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Women at Work in Las Vegas, 1940–1990
The growth of Las Vegas that began in the 1940s brought an influx of both women and men looking to work in the expanding hotel and casino industries.... more

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The delightful and touching stories in Christmas in Nevada tell how Nevadans have celebrated the holiday, from 1858 to the present day.... more

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Contested Meanings in Korean War Memorials
The Korean War has been called the “forgotten war,” not as studied as World War II or Vietnam.... more

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The senior years can be daunting, for spouses, children, other caregivers, and seniors themselves. Too often a sudden crisis leaves a family unprepared and feeling helpless.... more